Mother Zen & Gillian Reid | You Are THAT Person… You Just Don’t Know It Yet
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You Are THAT Person… You Just Don’t Know It Yet

You Are THAT Person… You Just Don’t Know It Yet

You are IT.

People often refer to me as that “fit and healthy type”. I’m the person who “just likes vegetables and health food” and “finds exercise fun”. But let me tell you: I wasn’t always this way. EVERYONE has a story before they got to where they found themselves that looks quite different than the present…but it helped propel them to a better place. That is me.

I woke up one day tired, not liking the look of myself in the mirror or the way my clothes fit and finding my own habits of drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and pancake brunch every day on the weekend just gross. I watched people jog beside my window rain or shine and wondered why that was them and not me. (Read my whole story here). 

I had no idea where to start. So little by little I started trying different things. At first, it was watching my calories and going to an all women’s gym. Sooo not like me now,  but you know what? That was a start. I was becoming aware and conscious of the state of my body. Quickly I needed more of a challenge with exercise so I joined the big gym and got a personal trainer where I learned how to exercise properly. I was never the fitness type, so where I am now is nothing but years of practice and an openness to my own potential. So many of us never reach even close to our potential because we don’t believe in it…we aren’t open to it.

My watching of calories turned into wonder and curiosity of what this food was actually doing in my body, and how it could help me do better in fitness and energy. So I went to school to study holistic nutrition. I fell in love with food and how it works in perfect synergy with the body.  So I practiced more.

Until one day I woke up and people were asking MY advice. I was that person who was healthy and fit. I also ate food that people could never like because I “just like different food”. NO. I just acquired new tastes, like everything else, over time and with repetition. Nothing comes without time and consistency. Nothing has to be 100% either. I still openly enjoy wine and sushi, and did not hold back over the holidays. The difference is I have had the experience of knowing how good I feel when I’m eating, exercising and basically living the lifestyle that is now who I am. So I easily return to it.

If this is the time you are going to make things happen, don’t be intimidated by the “healthy and fit” types because they were all you before.

Take small steps. Expect Bumps. Keep going. Mistakes will not undo what you do to move forward. Go forth with openness. Be curious about yourself. Become aware of newness that you never noticed before.

Eventually you will wake up somewhere you don’t recognize. In a body that is bright, and energetic and radiant. And that will be you.

You are IT.


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